Barbara Bovenberg

(Rotterdam, 1956)

Curriculum Vitae


  • 2019 Group exposition, paper-art, Gallery de Rivier, Rotterdam
  • 2017 Sketchbook project. New York
  • 2016 Group exposition, paper-art, Grote kerk, Edam
  • 2015 Tuinpad Rijneveld, installation vegetable-paperart, Boskoop.
  • 2015 Group expostion, Haagse Kopjes, Den Haag
  • 2015 Duo exhibition in Museum Oud Overschie, Rotterdam.
  • 2014 Summer exhibition in West Fries Museum, Hoorn
  • 2012+2013 Exhibitions at Rondje Oud Overschie, Rotterdam.
  • 2011 Paper-art,  Kunst en Vliegwerk, Groningen.
  • 2010 Turning the tiles, Artist-books, Den Haag.
  • 2009 Verkundo: Artist-books, Koetshuis Roden.
  • 2008 Art objects of parchment and vellum, Kunst en Vliegwerk, Groningen.
  • 2008 Art route, Oud Rijswijk.
  • 2007 Gallerie Overschie, Rotterdam.
  • 2006 Group exibition Gallery COPA. Ino - Japan.
  • 2006 Solo exhibition . Samaya, Werkhoven.NL.
  • 2005 Solo exhibition vellum art. National Archive, The Hague.NL.
  • 2004 Artist books on book artfair. Pieterskerk, Leiden.NL.
  • 2004 Solo exhibition 'Membra Disjecta'. Expo 999, Amsterdam.NL.
  • 2004 Artist-books in gallery shop, Apeldoorn.NL.
  • 2004 Duo art exhibition in GB5, Rhoon.NL.
  • 2002 Solo-exhibition of paper art. Cultural Counsel, Wateringen.NL.
  • 2001 Solo-exhibition of paper art, paintings and books. Groene Passage Rotterdam. NL.
  • 2000 Window show paper art. Interior disign, 'Van Binnen', Rotterdam.NL.
  • 1999 Solo-exhibition of paper art. Stamperia del Tintoretto, Venice, Italy.
  • 1999 Group exhibition paintings. Meerkunst, Amsterdam.NL.
  • 1999 Window-show of paper art. Consultancy Accompaniment Practice, Van Mil, Rotterdam.NL.
  • 1998 Groupexhibition. De Kunstwinkel, Amsterdam.NL.
  • 1998 Solo exhibition, "Membra Disjecta" paper-art-books, Stamperia del Tintoretto. Venice, Italy.
  • 1999 Project of seven fires; art installation, Rethimno, Kreta, Greece.
  • 1996 Various objects for the project "Membra Disjecta": books with vellum, paper art and sound-images.Rotterdam. NL.
  • 1988 Third price of bookbinding contest "Textile-Bookbindings" (Dutch Handbookbinders and designersgroup), exhibited in the Royal Library, The Hague.NL.


  • 2014 Assignment for a Librum Amicorum, Japanese binding, National Archive, The Hague, NL
  • 2010 Assignment for Album of Memory in parchment, National Archive, The Hague, NL
  • 2009 Assignment for a Librum Amicorum, National Archive, The Hague, NL
  • 1995 Assignment of ten Exclusive Salmon-leather bindings, "Francis fish stories" Tortuca publishers, Rotterdam.NL.
  • 1994 Assignment to create two paintings on wood, Algemeen Rijksarchief, The Hague.NL.
  • 1992 Twelve paintings in assignment, Rotterdam.NL.


  • 2004 Publication: 'Vellum art' in KM: magazine for art matarials and design.
  • 2003 Publication: 'Papyrus of Zucchini' in Tortuca, magazine for literature and arts.
  • 2003 Publication: 'Limp Vellum Caterpillar Binding' in conservation magazine Care.
  • 2001 Publication: La vignettes trouvees 021 in Tortuca, magazine for literature and arts.

Education, skills and knowledge

  • 2016 Worksop Late eighteenth century French binding structure, by Jeff Peachey, book conservator in New York. (Restauratoren Nederland)
  • 2015 Workshop Semi-limp vellum binding by Anne Hillam, book conservator in New York. (Restauratoren Nederland)
  • 2010 Workshop Washi: Japanese papermaking at Kamikoya ,Rogier Uitenboogaart, Japan
  • 2010 Profesional paper making by J. Brejoux and Conservation bindings by C. Clarkson, in Moulin du Vergier, France
  • 1998 Cycle of lectures "European bookbinding structures 1500-1800", N. Pickwoad, Amsterdam.NL.
  • 1995 Training about paper-art and paper pulp paintings, Peter Gentenaar and Patricia Torley, Rijswijk.NL.
  • 1993 "Limp vellum bindings", workshop by Christopher Clarkson. Amsterdam.NL.
  • 1989 Education for Paper Conservator at the Institute for Restoration. (now: Dutch Institute for Cultural Heritage), Amsterdam. NL.(Certificate 1991).
  • 1989 Creating vellum,  lecture and demonstration by Henk de Groot, Rotterdam.NL.
  • 1987 Training handbookbinding, private school Ambachtshuys, The Hague.NL.
  • 1987 "Reabacking books" and "Bindings in Vellum". Two workshops by Jim Brockman, Amsterdam.NL.
  • 1985 "Leather inlay technique and design", workshop by Jeff Clements, Amsterdam.NL.
  • 1983 Graphic School, Amsterdam. NL. Certificate Handbookbinding.(1986). Certificate Book and paperconservation (1989).
  • 1983 Art education, private school Ariane Stam (artist) Capelle. NL.

Work experience and Visiting-teaching

  • 2015 Lecture about Papiermaking and Restauration in Museum Oud Overschie, Rotterdam, NL.
  • 2012 Lecture about Eastern and Western papermaking in the Museum Meermanno, The Hague, NL.
  • 2011 Visiting-teacher Paperworkshops: Vegetable paper making at Villa Oosterhouw, Leens, Groningen. NL.
  • 2000 Visiting-teacher paper leaf casting, Mangualde, Portugal.
  • 1999 Visiting-teacher paper leaf casting, Stamperia del Tintoretto, Italy.
  • 1989 until this moment: Employed as book and paperconservator, National Archive, The Hague.NL.
  • 1988 Employed as handbookbinder, Municipal Archive, Rotterdam.NL.
  • 1986 Employed as handbookbinder, LBC. :Dutch Central Library, Amsterdam.NL.




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